Throughcare: Stages in the Provision of a Throughcare Service to Prisoners

Throughcare Map

Table of Contents

  1. Long-Term Sentence
  2. Statutory Throughcare
  3. Initial Interview / Identify Supervising Authority
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. Referral and Allocation CJSW Team
  6. Initial Visit / Family Contact
  7. Statutory Visits
  8. Parole Home Background Report
  9. Parole Granted
  10. Parole Refused
  11. Identify Work for Next Review
  12. Pre-Release Meeting
  13. Release
  14. Statutory Supervision
  15. Non-Compliance
  16. SRO, Plus Extended Sentence of Less Than Four Years
  17. Recall Parole, Plus Extended Sentence of More Than Four Years

Please note that the contents of Throughcare Map have not been updated since 2009. As a result, certain of the processes described here may no longer be current and accurate. We believe however that it remains a useful teaching resource, and would welcome offers of assistance to help bring it up to date.