Throughcare: Stages in the Provision of a Throughcare Service to Prisoners

Throughcare Map

Referral and Allocation CJSW Team

On receipt of the letter of designation as the supervising authority the Criminal Justice team manager should make a decision about accepting or declining responsibility for supervising the offender. In cases where the decision is to decline responsibility it will be necessary to negotiate with the relevant other authority about transfer of the case. Otherwise the case should be allocated to a social worker within seven days.

When a throughcare case is allocated the social worker should collate the available information and liaise with the prison social worker within 14 days of sentence to obtain relevant information passed from the sentencing Court i.e. a copy of the indictment, previous convictions libelled in Court, the social enquiry report, psychologist/psychiatric reports and the trial judge's report. Where there are any concerns regarding child protection, information should be shared with the children and family team.

Please note that the contents of Throughcare Map have not been updated since 2009. As a result, certain of the processes described here may no longer be current and accurate. It remains online as an historical resource, but has been superseded by Youth & criminal justice in Scotland: the young person's journey.