Young offenders institutions


Responsibilities throughout the young person’s period in custody, for all young people

Child’s Plan

The Child’s Plan should move with the young person to custody and be the basis for planning during the young person’s period in custody. The Lead Professional is responsible for maintaining this plan.

For young people subject to Compulsory Supervision Orders (CSOs): for the duration of this Order, the duties detailed under concurrent orders must be fulfilled.


The SPS should make the following arrangements for the young person:

All young people subject to statutory supervision on release will be referred to prison-based social work.

Young people undergo induction to their residential hall and one week induction with the Links Centre to inform the young person of all aspects of the YOI, roles of certain staff and services that they can access to meet their needs and assist their reintegration.

Families Involvement

Some YOIs offer a family induction session to give family members an understanding the YOIs routine and answer questions. There can however be issues with the consistency and availability of induction. The Good Practice Guidance for the Support of Families Affected by Imprisonment, the Framework for the support of families affected by the Criminal Justice System and Rendering Them Visible: A Review of Progress Towards Increasing Awareness and Support of Prisoners’ Families provide guidance about the content and delivery of family induction sessions.

Initial custody reviews

An initial custody review should be held for all young people under the age of 18. The type and timescale for initial custody reviews depends on the young person's legal status:

For young people entering custody on remand for over seven days or who have been sentenced: reviews should be held within 10 working days of being detained, although within 72 hours remains best practice.

For young people on seven day remand: a telephone call should be undertaken with the personal officer ASAP.

For young people who are looked after by the local authority: reviews should be held within 72 hours as per good practice guidance.

The purposes of initial custody reviews include:

Reviews should be:

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