Secure care

Transport to secure care


Responsibility for arranging and funding secure transport from court to the secure unit and for any subsequent transport arrangements lies with:

For children and young people on remand

The local authority where the child or young person ordinarily resides, with transport usually provided by Wrixon Care, who should be contacted at the earliest opportunity. The local authority is also responsible for making arrangements for the child or young person until transport arrives following attendance at court as necessary this should involve discussion between the local authority, court and the police, with it being important children and young people are supported during this period.

For sentenced children and young people

For children or young people sentenced under section 44 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995: As above for those on remand.

For children or young people sentenced under sections 205(2) or 208 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995: Children and Young Person’s (CYP) Placement Manager at Scottish Government. GEOAmey is currently contracted to provide transport.

Secure transport providers are responsible for:

Transport is in non-cellular unmarked vehicles and staff are trained in de-escalation techniques. The use of mechanical restraints shall not be used at a higher level than necessary to reasonably mitigate against assessed or identified risks, or to maintain appropriate security.

Arrival at the secure unit

On arrival, the child or young person will be received from the agreed arrival space and taken to a secured area within the unit. The escort provider and receiving staff/duty manager will ensure all relevant paperwork and the child or young person’s belongings are handed over and a Personal Escort Form is signed.

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