Secure care

Return to the community

On leaving secure care the child or young person will have any conditions of release explained to them by the secure unit staff and their social worker. Responsibility for the child or young person transfers from the secure unit.

It is good practice that children and young people who are not being met on return to the community by a friend or family member are met by the Lead and/or other professional and regular contact takes place following this. Under the National Outcomes and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice System those subject to release on licence should be seen by the local authority social worker on the day of release.

In some cases, outreach support continues to be provided by the secure care centre and funding this would be the responsibility of the local authority where the child or young person ordinarily resides. All young people are encouraged to continue to contact units after they leave.

Third sector

Third sector organisations can support children and young people in the community post-release and support their engagement with other services.