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Focusing on outcomes means ‘thinking about’ having a different kind of conversation with the individual, and ensuring that their priorities are considered in making the plan. Sometimes it can be straightforward to identify how to meet an outcome and sometimes it can mean bringing different points of view together and negotiating a way forward. The important thing is to stay focused on ensuring the greatest independence and quality of life possible for each individual.

The video clip in this section, which follows on from the outcomes-focussed version of events, shows how Jeanette negotiates with Ken about his identified outcomes.

Watch the single scene above and enter your reflections in answer to the two questions that follow below (you'll be able to print your reflections for future reference).

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Question 1 of 2
Comment on Jeanette's approach to the question of Ken's diet and the consequences for his quality of life.

Jeanette brought up the subject in a non-confrontational way within the context of his settling in, and as part of a developing relationship. The outcome was the result of a successful negotiation in which which Ken agreed to an outcome that was acceptable for him and his health.

Question 2 of 2
What is Ken contributing to making his support plan a success?

Ken is contributing to the process by sharing with staff what matters to him. He has also spoken up what isn’t working for him. He is willing to negotiate and accept the trade-off of not indulging in lots of biscuits if it helps maintain his health and mobility. Because staff are helping him keep up his walking, which is something very important to him, he is not taking risks and trying to walk without support. He is also willing to try new things, like the iPad.


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  • Service led vs outcomes focused

    This one page document is a table highlighting the shift from service led approached to outcomes focused, illustrating what difference it makes.

  • Talk not tick

    This brief presentation from Dundee highlights early findings from their outcomes focused work in day service for older people.

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