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Other useful resources

Care for Older People Portal

The Care for Older People Portal, located on the NHS Education for Scotland Knowledge Network, is dedicated to providing information, resources and education for health and social care staff who support older people in Scotland.

We strongly recommend this site as a valuable source of information and materials, particularly the topics section. Here you'll find information relating to the care of older people grouped into subject headings by condition. Each topic section links to legislation, policies, standards, information for service users and their families and carers, links to organisations, existing communities, resources on the broader Knowledge Network, and other learning and training resources.

Most of the resources on the Care for Older People Portal are openly available without registration. Some of the materials do however require an Athens account for access. If you don't already have one, it is possible to register for an Athens account via the Knowledge Network website.

In addition to allowing you to register for an Athens account, the Knowledge Network website enables you to:

  • Have your own list of favourite resources
  • Save searches you want to repeat
  • Share resources and communicate with colleagues through community websites and Shared Spaces.
  • It also provides access to the password-protected content licensed from book and journal publishers – over 5000 online journals (much full text), over 80 major databases, over 5000 electronic books, Good Practice collections of management tools and techniques, and the ability to borrow books by placing direct requests to libraries

Visit the Care for Older People Portal