Ken’s story

Case study part one

Arrival and welcome

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The case study featured in this resource is the story of Ken, an older man moving into a care home. The case study is intended to help demonstrate that small changes can make a big difference to an individual.

After the first part of Ken's story, 'Arrival and welcome', the case study splits into two mirrored paths. Version one depicts a traditional approach, while version two shows how a more outcomes-focussed approach might proceed. The final sequence in the case study features a series of reflections back to the second, more person-centred path.

Ken’s background

  • Ken had a stroke two years ago which affected his left side, causing him to become more dependent on a wheelchair although he walked as much as he could in his own home.
  • He suffers from unstable diabetes and is prone to sudden changes in his blood sugar causing a risk of hypoglycaemia and a higher risk falls.
  • Ken’s wife Margaret, his main carer, died suddenly six months ago. They had been married for 50 years.
  • The couple’s only son Alastair lives in Australia.
  • Ken has had significant community based services to support him living independently at home.
  • However his health deteriorated and two falls in the first few months after his wife’s death resulted in emergency hospital admissions.
  • During the second period in hospital Ken had mixed feelings about returning home and started thinking about Southinch Care Home as an option.
  • Back at home life began to feel like a constant struggle, and he also felt isolated, lonely and unsafe.
  • A third fall resulted in readmission to hospital.
  • While in hospital he decided that the time was right to move into a care home.
  • We join Ken arriving at Southinch Care home and being greeted by Jeanette, a senior care worker who has previously visited Ken in hospital.