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Changing text sizes

All modern web browsers have built-in provision for altering the size of text on screen. Normally this is achieved from the keyboard using the following shortcuts:

  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '+' to make text larger/zoom in
  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '-' to make text smaller/zoom out
  • CONTROL (CMD on Mac) and '0' to return to the default setting

In some legacy browsers (such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6) it's necessary to adjust text sizes from a menu. To do so select 'View / Text Size' from the menubar and increase/decrease the size of the text.

Video playback

For the majority of people, the case study videos in this resource should 'just work'. Users with modern browsers, or viewing the resource on mobile devices, will be served the videos via the latest HTML5 technology. Older browsers which don't support HTML5 will instead be supplied with the movies via the free Adobe Flash plugin. In some cases, if it has not already been installed, it may be necessary to download and install the Flash Player.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to play the embedded video files, we have made the movies available to download for offline viewing. These MPEG-4 video files will play in any modern media-player software, such as iTunes, VLC, etc.

Downloading files

This resource features a number of documents, videos and audio files that you can download for your own use.

If you experience any difficulty in downloading a file, it may be necessary to right-click the download link and, from the resulting contextual menu, select the option labelled 'Save target as…' (or 'Save link as…', or 'Download linked file' — the exact wording may vary). Your browser should then download the file to your machine/device.


JavaScript is a simple form of computer programming language that runs safely in your web browser.

If you are unable to activate JavaScript on your browser for any reason, you should still be able to navigate through all of the content of this resource. However, certain advanced features such as the quiz activities will not be available to you.

To find out how to activate JavaScript, please consult the Help menu on your browser (generally the right-most option on the menubar).