Young offenders institutions

Sentence planning & case management


HMYOI Polmont: the Personal Officer will complete a Positive Futures Plan (PFP) with the young person. This is a strengths-based information gathering tool focusing on how the young person will spend their time in custody working towards release.

An individual support plan will be developed, which will be realised through engagement with a variety of services including programmes staff, parenting officers, family contact officers, educationalists, youth work, counselling, and third sector partners. The support plan will be shared with the Lead Professional and should form part of the Child’s Plan.

HMP & YOI Cornton Vale: within one week of admission, the core screen assessment will be further developed by the Links Centre staff by interviewing the young person. At week 2 the young person’s case is discussed at the Short Term Case Management Board. The young person and their allocated Personal Officer will then develop an action plan. The action plan is realised and shared in the same way as the PFP support plan described under HMYOI Polmont above.

Case management

Integrated Case Management (ICM) is a process where other agencies work with the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) to give young people in custody help and support to deal with their social or personal difficulties so that they are less likely to reoffend when they are released.

HMYOI PoImont: all young people are managed under ICM but are separated into categories according to sentence type or length:

Standard ICM

Enhanced ICM

HMP & YOI Cornton Vale: all young people are managed under Short Term Case Management or Enhanced ICM.

Short Term Case Management (STCM)

Enhanced ICM

Within both STCM, standard and enhanced ICM, a young person may be referred for a generic programme assessment to assess suitability for defined offending behaviour programmes.

For young people subject to an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR)

During the young person’s sentence, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) act as the Lead Authority. The young person must have a Case Manager from the YOI who is responsible for undertaking risk assessments and preparing the Risk Management Plan (RMP). The RMP must be prepared by the Lead Authority and submitted to the Risk Management Authority for approval within 9 months of sentence. Once approved, the Lead Authority (SPS) must make sure that the plan is put into action.

Families Involvement

Families often want to be aware of the young person’s throughcare plans and may be able to provide support.

The Good Practice Guidance for the Support of Families Affected by Imprisonment suggests that: