The Golden Bridge – Child Migration from Scotland to Canada 1869-1939

Acknowledgements & Copyright

Acknowledgements & Copyright Details


This virtual exhibition was inspired by the original Golden Bridge exhibition created and displayed by Heatherbank Museum of Social Work in Glasgow Caledonian University in the summer of 2001. The virtual Golden Bridge project was a collaboration between IRISS, Glasgow Caledonian University and Quarriers.

We’d like to acknowledge the invaluable help and support of Alistair Ramage (ex-curator of Heatherbank Museum of Social Work), John Powles (Research Collections Manager, Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy), Phil Robinson (Director of Quarriers), Pam Barr (Archivist, Quarriers), Paul Hunt (Director and Producer of ‘Living Histories: the Quarriers’), and Melanie King (Quarriers Canadian Family).

Copyright Details

The Golden Bridge virtual exhibition. © 2007-10 Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS).

The Golden Bridge exhibition boards. © 2001 Glasgow Caledonian University

Living Histories: The Quarriers. Video reproduced and adapted here from with permission from Paul Hunt. © 2000 Five Corners Communications

Historic Photo Album and Narratives of Facts. © 2007 Quarriers

Testimony Tree – Testimonies adapted from:

  • Parr, Joy, 1994. Labouring Children. Toronto: University of Toronto Press
  • Harrison, Phyllis, 1979. The home children; their personal stories. Winnipeg: Watson and Dwyer
  • Abrams, Lynn, 1998. The Orphan country. Edinburgh: John Donald
  • Narrative of Facts (Annual reports of Quarriers)

Copyright Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to trace rights owners where relevant and to ensure that nothing in The Golden Bridge virtual exhibition infringes the laws of the United Kingdom. Should you believe that any content in this exhibition does infringe any rights you may possess, or any UK law, please contact us.

In some cases it has been impossible to trace any rights holder. Such persons or their representatives, where they exist, are invited to contact us with evidence to support a claim so that an agreement can be reached. In these cases, we will remove any allegedly infringing material from the virtual Golden Bridge until we have completed the necessary investigations.

We apologise for any infringement that might occur where such rights owners do not come forward.

Further Reading

For more information about the virtual Golden Bridge project, the article ‘Preserving and re-presenting social work history with new media: digitising the Golden Bridge exhibition’, published by New Scholarship in the Human Services, is now available in the online Currents journal.

Information for relatives or descendents of home children

If you know or suspect that your relative was migrated to Canada as a ‘home child’ and you would like more information concerning the family circumstances of that relative or ancestor, Quarriers maintain a genealogy database of children who spent at least some of their childhood in the Orphan Homes of Scotland.

See Quarriers Genealogy and Records for more information.



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