Please note, this project is no longer active and is archived here for reference

Workshop Pack

Workshop pack developed by the Child Care and Protection Training and Development Project overseen by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS). It has been developed to be used by anyone wanting to share information about Key Capabilities and promote their use.


  • an introduction to the pack
  • a PowerPoint presentation detailing the development and aims of Key Capabilities. Where necessary the slides include explanatory notes for presenters
  • exercises which can be used to facilitate small group discussion and help participants to become familiar with the document and explain what Key Capabilities might mean for them in their role
  • 'Frequently asked questions' about Key Capabilities. These are drawn from questions asked during the workshops in September/October 2007. Both the questions and answers are on the Key Capabilities website ( and the SSSC website (
  • a leaflet which is designed for use with service users and carers, which was drawn up following consultation with user groups but which can also be used with a range of stakeholders to give information about Key Capabilities.
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