Advice from people who have experienced mental health issues

As part of this project, we asked people who have had experience of mental health services in East Dunbartonshire the advice they might give to someone new in the area who might be struggling to keep well. Here are some of their snippets of advice:

take things a step at a time. it can be sometimes difficult to think about doing simple things, like taking a shower but if you break things down into smaller aspects it can make it easier.

try to keep active - going for walks and knowing good places to get out and about can be really helpful (see the map for different activities that you might want to try!)

remember that you're 'not the only one'. Everyone needs support sometimes.

remind yourself of all of the things that you have achieved that day and focus on those things -rather than what you haven't

knowing where to start - having someone or something to point you in the (next) best direction on your journey is very beneficial (use the website to have a look at what is available and different information services)

having someone to talk to helps - and its important to communicate with people

find a place to go and chill out - where you can get peace and quiet

do the little things that matter to you. Find out what your 'thing' is.

having chance meetings - you might think that you want to be alone, but you might actually enjoy bumping into people. (There are lots of cafes in Kirkintilloch that make wee 5 min chats with people easy – you can just pass pleasantries and you don't have to plan the meeting (so you don't need to cancel if you're having a bad day).