Supporting Material

Supporting materials and further reading for a more in-depth analysis of the process and evidence base.

Methodology & Background

Explore the five key phases to the Imagining the Future project

Evidence Base

A data workbook that has been prepared as a repository for key research, opinion, and views expressed in relation to the Imagining the Future Scenario Project, exploring Scottish society and support in 2025.

Workshop Toolkit

A game played in four teams. Each team is immersed in one of four worlds set in Scotland, in 2025 – ‘Post Welfare World’, ‘New Normal’ World, ‘Yesterday is Another World’ and ‘Fully Integrated World’.

Exhibition of The Future

This unique one-day exhibition looks back at Scotland in 2014 and is an important historical reminder of the challenges and opportunities faced by decision makers at the time and those who, back then, relied on 'social services'.

Leading the Future

As part of the Imagining the Future project, we invited nineteen people who believed they would have leadership roles by 2025 to come together as a ‘temporary leadership team of the future’.