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Tackling volatile substance abuse in Scotland
a training course for the social care workforce

Audio & video

Three videos on the theme of volatile substance abuse (VSA)

The Silent Killer (2007) 1

The Steven Blacker Memorial Walk. Produced by Re-Solv in 2007, this documents the awareness walk marking the first anniversary of the death of 14 year old Steven Blacker from volatile substance abuse (VSA).

A Loaded Gun (2002) 1

Originally intended as part of a pack for schools including a video and a work book for teachers.

David’s Story (1995) 2

An Aberdeenshire parent (and teacher) who lost her youngest son to VSA at the age of 15 describes the circumstances that lead to his death.

Note: These video materials can also be downloaded for offline use.

Audio interviews

These audio interviews are between Re-Solv’s Scottish Field Officer and young people who are ‘looked after’ and live in a residential establishment. The interviews took place in August 2007 and the recordings were used as part of a national one-day conference on volatile subtance abuse (VSA). The young people talk about their experience of ‘buzzing’ or ‘sniffing’ solvents.

Young people VSA interview #1 (2007)

Young people VSA interview #2 (2007)

Note: These audio materials can also be downloaded for offline use.

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