Throughcare: Stages in the Provision of a Throughcare Service to Prisoners

Throughcare Map

Annual Review

Case Conferences

Integrated Case Management operates a two-tiered system: standard and enhanced. Enhanced ICM is for all prisoners who are subject to post release statutory supervision. This process utilizes full risk and needs assessment and a case conference model for action planning.

Under the Integrated Case Management process, Case Conferences will be held no later than six months after admission to custody and annually thereafter. The prisoner, the prison based social worker, the ICM Case Co-ordinator, the community based supervising officer and other service providers are expected to attend the ICM Case Conference. Family members may be involved too, where appropriate. This meeting provides an opportunity for all those noted above to discuss the prisoner's progress and to reflect on the work the prisoner has undertaken to address risks. It is also an opportunity to plan service provision/interventions aimed at reducing risk and meeting needs. This process should ensure that work undertaken in the prison is taken forward in the community. Should the prisoner choose not to co-operate with the ICM process, it is expected that the meeting will still go ahead.

Short Term Sentence

Please note that the contents of Throughcare Map have not been updated since 2009. As a result, certain of the processes described here may no longer be current and accurate. It remains online as an historical resource, but has been superseded by Youth & criminal justice in Scotland: the young person's journey.