Throughcare: Stages in the Provision of a Throughcare Service to Prisoners

Throughcare Map


Prisoners sentenced to custodial sentences of four years or more are released at the two thirds stage of sentence. The licence runs until the end date of the sentence. The term non-parole licence is used to describe this mandatory period of supervision in the community.

Offenders released on non-parole licence are usually those who have self rejected from consideration for early release on parole or whose behaviour in prison and circumstances indicate that there is an unacceptable risk of re-offending on release.

The Scottish Ministers consult the Parole Board about any additional conditions to be attached to the licences of prisoners who are released on non-parole licences.

The Scottish Ministers also refer to the Parole Board information received from supervising officers and/or the police where the licensees' behaviour or failure to comply with requirements is giving cause for concern. In such cases the Parole Board may recommend that the licensee is recalled to custody.


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Please note that the contents of Throughcare Map have not been updated since 2009. As a result, certain of the processes described here may no longer be current and accurate. It remains online as an historical resource, but has been superseded by Youth & criminal justice in Scotland: the young person's journey.