Information Literacy Interactive Tutorial

Combining new and existing information

It is important to organise all of your new and existing information.

    This can be done by:
  • Simply creating folders on your computer to store files
  • Printing off materials and keeping them in a ring binder
  • Using social bookmarking and tagging tools on the internet.

Social bookmarking and tagging

Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to store, manage and share web resources. Examples include Delicious and Diigo, free tools that you can use to 'bookmark' web pages (like adding a web page to your favourites).

Social bookmarking also allows you to share your bookmarked pages with others, and enables you to see your colleagues' bookmarked web pages.

A key characteristic of social bookmarking is tagging. Users can 'tag' web resources with words to describe them, and in this way, keep folders of web pages on similar topics.

Here is a useful social bookmarking video tutorial:

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