The Golden Bridge Child Migration from Scotland to Canada 1869–1939

“There is no piece of philanthropic work that accomplishes so much good at so little cost as does the emigration” — William Quarrier, 1882

The Golden Bridge Exhibition

Between May 2nd and June 1st 2001 Heatherbank Museum of Social Work — part of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Research Collections, along with Archives, Special Collections, and the Centre for Political Song — hosted a public exhibition on the theme of historic child migration from Scotland to Canada between 1869 and 1939. The exhibition was called The Golden Bridge.

The pages in this section are a digital recreation of the original exhibition boards:


The Exhibition section of this website replicates the content of the original Golden Bridge exhibition. All materials contained therein were adapted for the web by Iriss with the kind permission of Glasgow Caledonian University.

Further credits can be found on the acknowledgements and copyright page.