Using assets to promote well-being and positive mental health

Traditional approaches to improving well-being, reducing health inequalities and achieving other social goals have focused on the deficits and problems of individuals and communities. In contrast, using an approach that values assets identifies the skills, strengths, capacity and knowledge of individuals and the social capital of communities. This can provide a different story of place that is a positive and outcome focused picture, that values what works well and where health and well-being is thriving.

This project seeks to work together with users of services and practitioners to develop an understanding of the personal and community assets that are available within a local community to support positive mental health and well-being. The value of the project resides in the fact that the community of people receiving support will become co-producers based on the use of assets that for the most part may be pre-existing. The end output will be a visual representation of what exists in the area that people can add to and learn from.

For more information, contact Lisa Pattoni or follow the project blog

The report is available for download in both PDF and EPUB versions below.