The Triangle

The Triangle is a simple way of representing the three domains that assessment should take account of:

  • The child's developmental needs
  • The parents' or caregivers' capacities to respond appropriately
  • The wider family and environmental factors

Each domain relates to the others. Any child's development is significantly shaped by both their particular experiences and the interaction between a series of factors. Some factors like genetic inheritance or temperament are often thought to be intrinsic to individual children. Others, like particular health problems or an impairment, may be a mixture of intrinsic and circumstantial. Meanwhile others may relate primarily to a child's culture, and to the physical and emotional environment in which they live.

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In order to illustrate the way in which the Assessment Triangle can be used during the assessment of any given incident, one event in the life of a girl called Mairi has been unpacked in detail. Mairi's complete timeline of events is also available.