Evidence Base

Data Workbook

This data workbook has been prepared as a repository for key research, opinion, and views expressed in relation to the Imagining the Future Scenario Project, exploring Scottish society and support in 2025.

The purpose of the workbook has been to act as a key resource for delegates attending the scenario build workshops during 2014 and then used to capture the learning to emerge from each workshop. The workbook then became part of the evidence-base for constructing the final 2025 scenarios. It is important to approach this workbook knowing that it is not exhaustive and has been organised by themed chapters as a simple way of filtering and organizing the learning, views, assumptions and research: social, technological, economic and business, environmental, political, ethics, values and standards and general. Moreover, the reader may feel that some of the commentaries set out in the summary columns would be better placed under a different theme. There is no way of filtering all the information with exacting precision. However, the aim was for the data workbook is to be accessible and useable to all.

Readers of the workbook can simply read the issue summaries, or for a closer examination, refer to the source links supplied. The materials contained within the workbook have and will continue to be drawn from a number of sources:

  1. Imagining the Future (Phase1) essays exploring citizenship, workforce and enabling technology (IRISS, 2013)
  2. A series of themed driver workshops
  3. Community perspectives on support and care in the future
  4. Phone interviews with key experts
  5. Baseline modeling of Scottish workforce in 2014
  6. Desk-based research

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