Imagining the Future

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What does the future hold for social services in 2025?

Nobody knows for sure

It is impossible to predict the realities of 2025 because there are any number of social, political and economic factors that will impact on our trajectory over the coming decade.

However, if we have learned anything from the recent independence referendum it is that there is a strong appetite for change and a willingness for everyone to get involved in shaping Scotland’s future. The relationships between decision makers, citizens and communities are being redefined and Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, is firmly in the grip of a new and exciting debate about social justice, values, and community empowerment. All of which is hugely important in shaping of social services, care, welfare and community in the coming decade.

The Imagining the Future scenarios have been designed to help us think through some of these issues. It is a tool to get us discussing, arguing and debating the future of social services. They are provocative but also useful to guide difficult conversations around, for example, the role of professionals in 21st century, citizen rights and responsibilities, leadership and workforce planning.

Who should use Imagining the Future?

Anyone can read the four scenarios. The four stories are broad, societal and set out four very different world-views for social services in 2025. In their own right, they are an interesting and challenging read.

Community groups, social work teams, joint health and social services teams, leadership teams and policy-makers can immerse themselves in the scenarios and imagine what working in each of the worlds would mean for them.

Groups can use the scenarios as a strategic tool to reappraise their current plans for the future, particularly around integration and personalisation agendas.

Our Imagining the Future game will guide and prompt groups to work with the scenarios. There is a two hour game and a three hour version.

Welcome to Imagining the Future. Jump into our four worlds. Join us. Join in.

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