Information Literacy Interactive Tutorial

Web search strategies: Google

    The Google search engine has a number of useful features:
  • Advanced Search
  • Google Scholar and Google Books

Google Advanced Search

This video gives a really good overview of what Google Advanced Search is and how it can be used: (

    In summary, Google Advanced Search allows you to find:
  • Web pages that contain a number of chosen words
  • Web pages that use an exact phrase or word
  • Web pages that contain one or a number of other words
  • Web pages that don't contain particular words.
    Other features include:
  • The ability to sort the results by the number you would like to see on each page, as well as the language, and file type e.g PDF, Word, Excel
  • The ability to search the web by domain e.g .edu,, .org,, or search for instances of words within a particular website.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be found under the 'more' link on the left hand side of the Google home page, or by searching for 'Google Scholar' in the search field.

This tool allows you to search for articles, books, journals and academic types of information.

This video gives a quick tutorial on using Google Scholar: (

Google Books

Google Books can also be accessed from the 'more' link on the Google home page and is a really good way of searching for books on particular subjects.

It is worth noting that both Google Scholar and Google Books also have an advanced search facility, so you can carry out very specific searches.

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