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January 23-25 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Lecturer / practitioner roles: a tale of two professions

Keywords: Lecturer / Practitioner, Social Care, Nursing, Interprofessional Learning

Author: Jim Sinclair (Fife Council Social Work Service)

The report of the 21st Century Review of Social Work in Scotland has highlighted the development of the role of the Lecturer / Practitioner as a way forward in linking learning and practice within social work education. Yet within the nursing profession, where these positions are now well established, there is still much debate regarding their impact and what their role should be.
Lecturer / Practitioner roles have been seen at various points in their history as an opportunity to bridge the gap between theory & Practice, between clinical & academic and at the same time as creating a slave to two masters and predisposing practitioners to high levels of burnout.
The author of this paper, as well as being a qualified Social Worker, is also a Registered Nurse and previously held (for a short period!) a Lecturer / Practitioner role within nursing in Scotland.
This paper will aim to provide a summary of the learning gained from the development of Lecturer / Practitioner roles within the nursing profession and compare this to the literature related to practice learning in social care. It is envisaged that this paper would promote an informed debate regarding the development of these roles within social care and how learning might be gained across the professions for the benefit of practice.

The paper will address issues of developments in practice learning strategies across the nursing and social care professions and place these within a political and policy making context. The aim of the paper is to promote informed debate regarding the issues and challenges of enhancing practice learning across the professions and promoting joint working within the political and practice climate of the 21st Century.
The paper will be of interest to practitioners across disciplines (especially practice educators), researchers, policy makers and academics within nursing and social care professions.

Date: Friday 25 January 2008, 2.00-2.30

Venue: Carrick One

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