Practical learning: achieving excellence in the human services

January 23-25 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Reflective, reflexive and research minded practice

Keywords: Reflective, Reflexive, Research Minded Practice

Author: Pat Collingwood (University of Stirling / Learning Network S.E.)

Reflective Practice in social work was introduced by Donald Schon in 1983. Although the use of reflective practice has become a useful tool for practice learning it has also become confusing for students as they attempt to develop their reflective thinking for practice. The use of Reflexive practice appears to help the student move from benign reflectivity (to think) toward Reflexivity (to think in context, understand difference and diversity and respond in an informed way. The journey through reflectivity and reflexivity takes the learner toward a search for meaning and toward research minded practice.

The process and framework assists the learner to identify the process of reflection, reflexion and research minded practice. A framework I have developed is used to assist the student's writing of a reflective learning log and encourages a sequential approach from reflectivity to the development of analytical writing.

Date: Thursday 24 January 2008, 11.30-12.00

Venue: Carrick One

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