Practical learning: achieving excellence in the human services

January 23-25 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Quarriers - a decade of learning about learning

Keywords: learning, organisation

Author: Frieda Park (Quarriers)

This workshop will:

We will be looking at:

Person-Centeredness This is a fundamental value underpinning the way we work with people we support and in how we seek to support and develop staff. As well as valuing individuality it also means having a can do attitude, willingness to take risks and flexibility.

Involvement of Staff and People we Support How does this happen and how does it affect the organisation in its systems and processes and practice? There are for example Practice Development Groups and Networks for areas of practice and cross-cutting issues, such as family support work and equalities. There are effective groups representing people we support such as young homeless people and people with disabilities. What impact are they having?

Management, Communication, Policies Procedures and Standards How these support good practice

Learning is explicitly valued Learning from mistakes and not perpetrating a blame culture. Exchanging good practice. Expectation that everyone is involved in learning and development. Organisational investment in learning and development.

Quarriers On-Line A new IT platform is going to be rolled out from March 2008. This will allow us to develop social networking sites, blogs and delivering e-learning. What are our plans for practice development and sharing knowledge and learning on-line?

What Needs to Improve We're not perfect and work in a challenging environment. What are the issues we've identified that we need to do better at to continue to aspire to be a learning organisation?

The workshop will be presented by operational and training staff and people Quarriers supports. It is primarily designed for trainers, managers and staff delivering services. It will be participative involving those present in reflecting on practice in their organisations and helping them identify actions that they can put into practice when they return to their workplaces.

Date: Wednesday 23 January 2008, 1.30-3.00

Venue: Ochil Three

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Organised by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services in association with PEPE (Practical Experiences in Professional Education).