Practical learning: achieving excellence in the human services

January 23-25 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Learning to integrate services in a scottish healthcare setting - the experience of West Lothain Community Healthcare Partnership

Keywords: learning, communities of practice, integration, healthcare

Author: Doctor Tony Kinder (University of Edinburgh, Management School)

Using original and previously unpublished longitudinal (including recent interviews with senior managers, GPs, social workers, Council officers and service users) the paper analyses the learning processes integrating services in West Lothian's CHCP. It challenges deterministic organisation frameworks of integration and using Wenger's community of practice approach analyses how the CHCP is successfully integrating care services for the elderly. In particular, it identifies the short psychic-distance between professionals and users and the localised nature of practice community learning, as contributing towards the CHCP's success.

It blends practical experience with a robust theoretical framework.

It celebrates best practice in a manner designed to help its diffusion.

It locates the West Lothian experience in the wider context of post-new public management healthcare.

Date: Wednesday 23 January 2008, 11.30-12.00

Venue: Carrick Three

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Organised by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services in association with PEPE (Practical Experiences in Professional Education).