Communication & practice learning

Authors: Viviene Cree and Marianne Hughes

Preparing for the supervision meeting

Nazra writes a piece in her reflective diary - watch the video and make your own notes on what you feel are the important issues here.

Once you've finished print this page to see Jean's answers compared to your's

What strikes you most about Nazra's account?

Your Answer:

Jeans Answer:Help! Nazra is clearly out of her depth - there may be issues here about gender, age, ethnicity and class, as well as possible fear of mental illness. I must speak to her about professional identity, professional role and about the role of the agency.

Can you identify strengths to take forward with her?

Your Answer:

Jeans Answer:I need to find out from Nazra what experience she has that she might be able to draw on, for example, in her previous work experience. Also, anything in her learning on her course about mental illness? And any personal experience of situations where she has felt out of her depth but handled things better?

What are the areas that need to be developed?

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Jeans Answer:I like to think about this in terms of knowledge (about mental illness), skills (about interviewing) and values (about difference and diversity). Must also give attention to Nazra's use of self - her emotional state and impact of this on her practice with Paul; and the impact of cultural norms on communication behaviour.

How might you do this? Where would you start? And what might your longer term strategy be?

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Jeans Answer:Need to start with supervision ground rules, particularly on giving and receiving feedback, so that Nazra knows what to expect from me. Then I need to think is there some reading that she should be doing to help her - research studies or policy documents? What about setting up a role play in our next supervision meeting? Are there opportunities for her to shadow other workers? Should I accompany Nazra on her next visit? Finally, Nazra needs some clear guidance on how to structure her diary writing in future.